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New To Yoga?

If you have never done yoga before, we recommend starting with a beginners class, then taking our our 30 day offer for new clients, giving unlimited classes for 30 days. Over the 30 days you can try all our classes and see what suits you best. Our trained staff are on hand to tailor a programme to suit your aims with your yoga practice.


I haven't done Yoga for a while, which class should attend?

It depends on your general level of fitness. If you are used to other forms of exercise then you could try any of the classes but if it has been a while since doing any exercise then the Beginners class is for you.

I am coming to Yoga after an injury, which class should I attend?

It greatly depends on what the injury was, so  it's always best to talk it through with us first but if you have been cleared by your doctor to exercise then maybe try our Iyengar class. It concentrates on alignment with a greater use of props (block and straps etc.) Mike Farr our Iyengar instructor has himself experienced major injury, having broken his back in three places and severely injuring his arm. He personally understands how to use yoga to help you on your rehabilitation journey.

What should I wear?

For all but Aerial classes you should wear something comfortable which allows you to move freely. Bare feet or yoga socks. 

For Aerial classes comfortable clothing without any zips or dangling cords. T-shirt with sleeves NOT vest tops. All watches and jewellery (except small stud earings and flat rings) should be removed. Bare feet or yoga socks.

Who can practice yoga?

Everyone. Young, old, anywhere in between. Small, large, flexible, inflexible, fit or unfit.

Should I eat before a class?

Try to eat AT LEAST 2 hours before a class.

What do I need to bring?

We have plenty of mats for everyone but if you love using your own mat then feel free to bring it with you. Maybe bring a bottle of water.

I am pregnant, Can I still practice?

Make sure you inform the instructor before your class as not all classes are suitable if you are pregnant.

Do I need to book?

It is best to book. You can just turn up but you are not guaranteed a space. It's really easy to book online or through the App   Tring Yoga Studio.

Where should I park?

When visiting the studio please do not park in Albert Street itself.  I would encourage you to walk or cycle but if you do drive then please use one of the public car parks in town (free after 6pm) and walk the short distance up Akeman Street. Thank you.