What we do in this class:

Buti is an Indian Marathi word meaning finding the cure that has been hidden or kept secret.
BUTI YOGA classes utilize spiral structure technique® to facilitate the release and toning of the body – physical, emotional and energetic. Through primal movement, dynamic vinyasa and cardio-sprints, students breakdown the emotional barriers that hold them back from achieving self-love and true human connection. There is also intentional shaking in this class to help release stored trauma and stimulate cellular reorganisation.
The spiralling movements help you to connect deeply into your inner and outer core. This also helps us energise the body and generate heat in the core to protect the spine whilst also helping to cleanse and stimulate the endocrine system.
Buti yoga is a practice that unites mind and body. Drawing on primal energy and movement to nuture our bodies and thrive. This practice creates a grounded environment and energetic space to send off a beacon to all human beings that this is the MOVEMENT OF WE.