Fab time at an Aerial class

I booked a surprise class for myself and a friend. Pauline was quick to respond to my queries and the booking process was straightforward. I had such a fab time at the Ariel yoga class with Pauline. The studio is cute and intimate, perfect size for creating a comfortable environment. The session was well structured, paced and the moves/poses had the right amount of challenge and adventure for a first timer. I’m looking forward to attending again!


Nicky was in her element tonight. I think I’m speaking for everyone that her posture and muscle tone is a role model for us all. This is a great class – yes, it’s challenging, but wow it’s worth it.
Vivianne C

Amazing Yoga

Had an amazing yoga session with Sara Fakih today. With a neck pull, lovely aromatic oil and vibrations to end the session with. Such a complete and satisfying experience it was.
Farida K


Brilliant workshop. I wanted a taster of Tai Chi and this was fantastic. I’m hooked and would love a regular class as a result.  Two hours flew by.
Helen S

My first class

I thoroughly enjoyed my first class yesterday. Nicky made me feel at home from the start and the class had a lovely vibe.  The other members of the class were friendly and welcoming. I’m now looking forward to my next class tomorrow and trying out some other classes over the coming weeks.
Erica B

Loved every class

I have loved every class I have taken at Tring Yoga Studio! The instructors are welcoming and knowledgeable, the classes feel warm and friendly and it is always a great experience.
Jessica H

I’ve been coming here over a year now…

…and I love my yoga class. I feel so lucky to have so many amazing yoga teachers on my door step. Aisling, Nikki and Pauline all fantastic teachers. Studio is clean, and the class is always friendly and encouraging.
Joanna G

The right balance

Lovely to be back at Kim’s synergy class on Tuesday after a month off! The right balance of yoga and strength building.
Jo H

Ballet barre is more than ballet

Nicky runs the class with yoga at its heart, motivating music and a surprisingly heart-rate-raising workout. I’d thoroughly recommend giving it a try. I love it.
Vivianne C

Simply great fun

David’s Ashtanga classes are simply great fun. If you want to increase your flexibility, improve your balance, or grow your practice, you should come along. His classes offer something for everyone. All you need is an open mind… you’ll surprise yourself by what is possible!!
Kim A

I’m really loving Nicky’s classes and tuition

I’m about a month in and I think I’m starting to really understand what these classes are about. I’ve a long way to go but I’m learning to trust the process and find myself smiling when I get little things right. I always leave with a full heart, am starting to feel a little prouder of my body and enjoy feeling stronger.

A different perspective

Thank you Pauline for your patience, nice to practice yoga from a different perspective. Fun and happy class.
Lesley S

Worked every muscle

I attended a super synergy class tonight. Kim led us through an hour of choreographed yoga to music, that stretched and worked every muscle. Fantastic.
Vivianne C

I love this class!

Focusing on balance and strength, Nikki’s ballet inspired barre class provides an intense lovely (challenging!) full body workout, a lot of focus on the core and posture. We perform small, repeated movements, using our body weight and holding our bodies in certain positions to really ‘feel the burn’. I love that we also use weights and resistance bands. We have so much fun, great music choice too! Thanks Nikkie!
Nicoleta C

My first time

My first time at Tring Yoga Studio and my first time at aerial yoga. I loved it ! The instructor was friendly and welcoming , encouraging us to trust her, the hammock and our own bodies. I did somersaults, hung upside down, and swung like did when we were kids ! The other members were very welcoming to us newbies. I loved the whole experience. Thank you.
Karen P

The BEST experience!

Amazing teacher and the most loveliest women doing the class. Will be back next week!
Keeley T

I really have come to love my Tuesdays in Kim’s class

Kim’s tuition helps me understand why we do poses and how having good form enhances practice. I love not only doing the yoga in these classes but also learning why we do things. This hour often feels like it flys by and I’m left wanting even more even though my body is sometimes relieved. See you next week! Thank you so much.
Faye L

Love the classes at Tring Yoga Studio

Nicky is excellent at ensuring our form is good and her classes are challenging but achievable. The classes have improved my flexibility but more importantly they have helped me maintain it as I age.
Anna A

Loved the essential oils

Thank you to Katie for covering the class this evening.  Her calming session was just what I needed. Loved the essential oils too!
Anna A

Such a joy!

Yogi Barre – such a joy! Fun, great music and a fabulous workout. Your glutes will love it.
Sharon M-P

Really enjoyed the class

Great to return to yoga. Kim was very welcoming and I really enjoyed the class. Will be booking regularly.
Janet W

I had the best time

First time trying Ariel Yoga and I had the best time. Instructor was encouraging and really explained things. Can’t wait to go back. Loved every minute.
Nicki O

Love this class!

David is a great teacher. Inspiring and very encouraging/positive to all his students. I have definitely improved in the last 18 months. I feel stronger and more flexible and love how challenging this class is.  If you want to build a strong practice, this class is a must!
Sharon M

Wonderfully relaxing

A wonderfully relaxing and healing experience.  Thank you Sara, this was just what I needed!
I am planning to attend more of Sara’s events.
Sally K

A perfect way to wind down after Christmas

Today I attended the Gong Spa with Raeeka which was super relaxing! An hour and a half of silent yin class followed by a gong session was certainly a perfect way to wind down after Christmas!! Raeeka is so skilled with her gong taking all my stresses away! Thank you x.

A fantastic workshop

Shannon demonstrated breathing practices that could be used as tools in daily life to help still the mind. The session completely relaxes the mind and body. You may not realise that you  had the capacity to feel that level of calm. A real treat!
Clare S

Best beginners class

The best beginners yoga class I’ve been to. The studio is lovely and Pauline is a great teacher.

Very relaxing

A very relaxing and effective workshop.  My neck pain reduced considerably and I now have the tools to maintain this.  Thank you Leanne!
Sally K

Welcoming & friendly

Tring Yoga Studio is welcoming and friendly and offers a varied choice of classes, including aerial yoga. During my membership, aerial yoga, in particular, has considerably helped my upper body strength and increased my love of practising yoga. As lockdown restrictions are lifting, Pauline set a 5 minute plank challenge in readiness for return to the studio. I enthusiastically took on this challenge and found I enjoyed building up the strength over 5 days to hold a 5 minute plank. I did much better than I thought I would! I have since enjoyed a Core Strength and More class and enjoyed that too. These have given me exactly the boost I needed to build up my strength again.

‘Flow to Yin’ class with Pauline was amazing!

Felt really good after it!  Thank you so much!
Sahera K

Welcome back Shannon!

This was my first dip into looking at a Yogic lifestyle away from the mat. It was simply and beautifully presented by Shannon considering that there was so much for her to cover in such a short time. I am looking forward to learning more about these Yogic principles in the future should the opportunity arise. Thank you x.
Christine F

Helped me keep mind, body and spirit together!

“Having the online yoga classes during lockdown, really helped me keep mind, body and spirit together! It has literally been a life saver, when all else was in chaos, the oasis of calm kept the isolation and panic at bay! As desperate as I am to return to the studio for classes, my hubby is scheduled for a hip replacement on 19th September, meaning we have to keep him as isolated as possible until after surgery. Once that is done I will be back to join the wonderful yoga community at Tring yoga studio, a unique and eclectic group of folks, thankfully utterly inclusive of all, no fancy gear or cliques here!”
Carole Warren

Tremendously grateful

I am tremendously grateful for the way you took on the challenge of lockdown and got set up, really quickly, to do on-line classes. Being able to do yoga with you and other HOTYs definitely helped with my well-being during the most worrisome and lonely times.  It spurred me on to tidy and decorate an unused attic room and create a yoga ’studio’ of my own – which is now a pretty and very peaceful place. I’ve had ups and downs during this time, but having the option to join an on-line class has remained a motivator to nudge me into a more positive frame of mind. I briefly tried yoga videos, but just couldn’t connect – it is so much better to work with instructors, and be in a class with people, that I know. It feels like I’m still part of something, even though I have continued to isolate. I have a new grand-daughter and an elderly/frail mother-in-law, and if we are to be able to support them, when they need us, my husband and I are minimising our risks of infection, by being hermits! It’s a difficult compromise, as I love spending time with people. But as I said, your on-line classes definitely help me keep some kind of social connection. Big THANKS to you and the other instructors.
Kate Farley

Well organised and definitely working

1. How have our Online classes helped you during the lockdown?
The online classes have been brilliant and I’ve really enjoyed the flexibility and being able to manage more classes
2. Did you have any reservations about coming back to “In Studio” classes?
No, not at all
3. How has it felt coming back to “In Studio” classes?
Well organised and definitely working harder
4. What does being part of the TYS community mean to you?
I always feel there is plenty of choices, you can pick and choose a more relaxing class for a more challenging class, the staff are all great and very friendly, there is always a nice atmosphere!

TYS is very good

1, Online classes are very good and are a great help to try to keep reasonably fit.
2, I do have reservations going back to class but as you know I have booked in for the sound bath. I will attend complete with mask 😷
3, Not attended any in studio classes at the moment .
4, TYS is very good to support the local community to help keep it a lovely place to live.
I have not attended any studio classes as I am still wary of contracting COVID-19. It may be fine at the moment while doors and windows can possibly be left open but as the season goes on that will change . As long as entry and exit can be reduced in volume as we all know people do like to chat and they get blocked.
Anne Noel

Something to look forward to

1. How have our Online classes helped you during lockdown?   It was brilliant to be able to continue practising yoga during lockdown, to maintain physical and mental health and to give some structure to the day.  It was something to look forward to.  I can’t begin to think what life would have been like without Zoom!
2. Did you have any reservations about coming back to “In Studio” classes?  Not at all.  I saw that you had taken the necessary steps in line with COVID guidelines. and it was good to feel that I had got back to some form of n
3. How has it felt coming back to “In Studio” classes?  Great.  It was good to see people face to face and I feel that I probably push myself harder in the studio than at home. It also feels that I’ve got a bit of normality and routine back.
4. What does being part of the TYS community mean to you?  I like being part of the community although I do feel a bit of an outsider as I only attend 1 or 2 classes per week so I haven’t really got to know too many people.
Sue Roper

Extremely happy

Having missed out on aerial yoga classes due to the COVID-19 lockdown situation, you can imagine my sheer delight and excitement at being able to return to the studio once more – aerial yoga is my way of de-stressing whilst building strength and stamina and in case you haven’t realised it yet – I love aerial yoga by the bucket load. I missed it, 24 weeks in total (yes I counted). Going back to the studio was an interesting experience as I’ve not been out much and I have to say that I was a bit reticent about returning however it was such a positive experience. From having a one way system in place, hand sanitiser on entry and exit, temperature checks before you can enter the studio (gotta keep each other safe), a sanitised box to keep your belongings safe, measured out areas for both aerial and mat yoga plus it’s up to you whether to keep your masks on or not (always wear it going to/from classes though) – I couldn’t feel safer if I tried. It has made returning much easier than I thought it would. Pauline Gibbons has done a wonderful job in creating a safe space for everyone in these crazy times and kudos to her for the effort and lengths she’s gone to. If you haven’t been back to the studio yet as you’re wary of mixing or being around other people, don’t be. There aren’t many places as safe with such good measures in place as Tring Yoga Studio. I for one am extremely happy to be back plus I feel safe there which is so important right now.

Aerial Party – Absolutely Brilliant

I would like to say a huge thank you for hosting the aerial yoga party for Emily and her friends.  I thought you were absolutely brilliant and dealt with the girls fantastically. They all came away with such praise for the class and thoroughly enjoyed it.  So much so that the Mums are keen to have a go after hearing the reviews and I think we will be back at some point (if you will have us!). Emily loved the aerial yoga and said it was the best party she had ever had. I think it was so good for all of them to challenge themselves and learn how to use their bodies.  It was very impressive how you talked them through each move step by step in such a way that they could put it all together to cocoon themselves or do back flips.
Thank you very much for being so patient with their excitement levels and providing a safe experience for them to have fun.
Rachel W

Totally reassured

I was completely distraught when it became clear that TYS would have to close in March, as the prospect of months without yoga classes was an almost unbearable prospect for me. When zoom classes were introduced I was initially very reluctant to try them out as it just didn’t seem like it could possibly provide the same experience. However, since there was no alternative at the time, I knew I had to give it a go & I was really surprised at how well it worked! Even though we were all in our own homes, there was still a sense of “gathering together” at the beginning of each class with the added advantage of not having to travel home at the end!

I was quite concerned about taking part in live “In Studio” classes again after lockdown as I had spent several months completely alone & all the news about coronavirus seemed extremely negative so going to public places felt very weird to begin with.

Coming back to “In Studio” classes has felt wonderful – a little bit of normality in a strange & unsettling world! I felt totally reassured from the first class after lockdown with everyone using their own mat & props, very comfortable social distancing, a one-way system through the studio, temperature testing of everyone present & hand sanitisers on entry & exit – super well organised!

In a recent online guided meditation, I was asked to think of a place where I feel safe & supported – TYS in Albert Street immediately came to mind. That says it all :o)

Really good studio

Pauline and all the other instructors are excellent, combining great technique with a sense of humour. While they teach the same postures, they all have a slightly different approach which makes all the lessons valuable. The fixed monthly fee for unlimited use means that high quality yoga is very reasonably priced. When lockdown happened, Pauline immediately created a very successful live online alternative. I strongly recommend!

Brilliant team of instructors

I’ve been a member of Tring Yoga Studio for a couple of years now & I absolutely love it there- as soon as I step into the studio (or get into my hammock for Aerial), I instantly feel more relaxed & calm. I’ve noticed a huge difference to how I feel physically too- much stronger & much more flexible- I noticed this even more after having my second child. Many thanks to Pauline and her brilliant team of instructors!
Emma Talbot

Wonderful, bespoke studio to practise yoga

A wonderful, bespoke studio to practise yoga. Led by Pauline who creates a welcoming environment and positive culture where members can share and support each other. There’s a wide range of classes every day, and always something new and different to keep us interested and challenged.
Kate Farley

A treasure

So pleased to have discovered the warm welcoming calm of Pauline’s no-frills Nirvana. Simple, social, spiritual and reassuringly ego free.
Terry Schofield

Excellent for keeping me healthy and staying positive

During lockdown, the Zoom Tring Yoga Studio classes have been excellent for keeping me healthy and staying positive. I now do twice as many classes as I did before!
Janet Reeve

Warm, welcoming and supportive yoga studio

I joined Tring Yoga Studio a couple of months ago following a post I’d made on Facebook asking for recommendations. Despite being spoilt for choice in our area, I decided to give TYS a try because of its flexibility of payments, range and timing of classes, and the ability to book classes via an app.
And what a great decision I had made. From a tranquil beginners class to an ab-burning strength, core & more class – there is a class to accommodate whatever your mind and body are feeling, in an environment that embraces all strengths and abilities.
It really is a lovely place to practice yoga. I always feel calm and levelled after a class. I especially enjoy Pauline’s variety of music – it makes her classes more unique than those I’ve tried before.
So, thank you to Pauline and those at TYS. I’ve recently been loving the zoom classes that have kept many of us sane during lockdown! I would certainly recommend TYS to anyone seeking a warm, welcoming and supportive yoga studio.
Betsy Ashburner

A yoga haven

Pauline has created a yoga haven, great teachers, amazing classes and varied routines. Would also highly recommend the children’s yoga!
The Fountains

Absolutely brilliant studio

Excellent variety of classes and lovely instructors. Having done yoga full-time for fitness in the past, I have always felt disappointed that Tring and surrounds didn’t have an affordable option to be able to continue to do so. Aerial classes are a very welcome added bonus!
Carly Vaughan

The best

Just had the best Ashtanga class there! Finally found the one!
Davina Durward-Brown