Flow Dance Meditation

With Sara Fakih

Saturday 4th May 2024   3:00-4:00pm

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Experience the powerful modality of dance – Flow Dance Meditation is an un-choreographed, free-moving meditation practice, which encourages self-expression and discovery.


It allows you to explore and express how you feel through movement. You don’t have to learn any steps and there’s no pressure to perform, making it easier to relax, allowing the body and mind to get into a state of flow.

The music we use plays an important role in helping us to drop into a flow state of consciousness. ‘Connect’, ‘Move’ and ‘Release’ are the three sections of this experience. In between the three sections there is a drone sound which invites you to check in within yourself and using your interoceptive sense to feel what is moving through you.

The interest in the effects of music on the brain has produced a new field of research called neuromusicology which explores how the nervous system reacts to certain music., and the evidence is in — music activates every part of the brain and assists catharsis.

Body & Breath: A Deep dive Yoga Nidra workshop to deepen the mind-body-breath connection

With Camilla Walker

Saturday 11th May 2024   3:00-5:00pm

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Join Camilla on a profound exploration into the realms of somatics with this Yoga Nidra session. This transcendent experience offers more than just relaxation; it’s a transformative dive into the essence of sensation and interoception—the art of feeling the body from within.

In this session, we invite you to delve deep into the rich tapestry of your inner landscape. Through guided meditation, you’ll cultivate a heightened awareness of the subtle nuances of your body’s sensations, unlocking a deeper connection with yourself. As you surrender to the gentle currents of breath and delve into the layers of consciousness, you’ll uncover a wellspring of tranquility and rejuvenation.

Yoga Nidra not only offers respite from the demands of daily life but also serves as a nourishing tonic for your yoga practice as a whole. By honing your ability to perceive and embrace sensation, you’ll enhance your capacity for pranayama—breathwork that sustains life force energy within.

Join Camilla for an immersive journey into the sanctuary of the self—a sanctuary where restfulness meets revitalization, and where every breath becomes a sacred whisper of serenity.

Aerial Yin/Restorative Workshop

With Pauline Gibbons

Saturday 25th May 2024   2:00-3:30pm

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When we picture an aerial yoga class, the image that often comes to mind is one of a challenging workout. However, this unique Yin/Restorative aerial yoga workshop offers a different experience by utilizing a hammock close to the ground.

Using the breath as a gentle guide, participants ease their bodies into postures, holding each for at least a minute, and often longer. This provides an opportunity to release accumulated tension, particularly in the back, neck, and hips.

The deliberate pace of this yoga style encourages a connection with one’s inner self, emphasizing focused breathing. This intentional breathing is renowned for its ability to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, contributing positively to stress levels.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to become entangled in the chaos of daily life. This workshop serves as a means to slow down both mentally and physically, facilitating rejuvenation and relaxation for the body and mind.

No prior experience with aerial yoga is required, making this workshop accessible to everyone, whether you’re a newcomer to yoga or an experienced practitioner.

Given the limited capacity, it’s advisable to secure your spot promptly to ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Discovering Tai Chi Workshop

With Cathy Birkinhead

Saturday 22nd June 2024   2:00-4:00pm

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Welcome to Catherine’s Tai Chi Workshop, where we embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being through the ancient art of Tai Chi. Guided by Catherine, a dedicated practitioner and experienced instructor, this workshop invites you to explore the profound benefits of Tai Chi in a supportive and nurturing environment.
As we gather in the serene setting of our studio, Catherine begins by introducing the fundamental principles of Tai Chi. With gentle guidance, she encourages participants to connect with their breath and center their minds, laying the foundation for a transformative experience.
Throughout the workshop, Catherine leads us through a series of fluid movements, each flowing seamlessly into the next. With grace and precision, she demonstrates the proper techniques, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and supported as they explore the practice.
As we immerse ourselves in the rhythm of Tai Chi, Catherine invites us to cultivate mindfulness and awareness of our bodies. With each movement, we release tension and stress, allowing energy to flow freely within us. Through this mindful practice, we discover a profound sense of calmness and inner peace.
Catherine’s expertise shines as she shares insights into the deeper philosophy of Tai Chi, drawing parallels between the movements and the principles of balance and harmony. With wisdom and compassion, she encourages us to embrace the yin and yang within ourselves, finding equilibrium in the midst of life’s challenges.
Throughout the workshop, Catherine fosters a sense of community and support among participants, creating a space where everyone feels valued and empowered. Through shared experiences and gentle encouragement, we uplift one another on our journey of self-discovery.
Join Catherine’s Tai Chi Workshop and discover the transformative power of this ancient practice. Embrace the journey of self-discovery, balance, and inner peace as we flow together in harmony.